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Social and Solidarity Economy / Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainable Development


Let’s dare the right (R)evolutions. Created in 2009, Econovia is currently the leading communications consulting agency specialised in an increasingly Social & Solidarity-based Economy. It also specialises in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development (SD) communications. The agency – which is fully independent and human-scaled – dedicates all of its communication efforts towards organisations that want and do create change, among which: associations, cooperatives, health insurance companies, foundations and responsible companies. In 7 years, 100 projects have been completed for over 75 clients.


« At Econovia, we believe that communication is a powerful catalyst for social, economic and environmental transformation in a society that wants to move in the right direction. Whether in terms of professionalising associations or ensuring that companies act responsibly, Econovia has become an expert in terms of communicating socio-innovative economic models. Initiating movement. Shifting positions in a lasting manner. Obtaining the greatest impact to convey your messages to the right audience. This is what drives us, in a nutshell. » Julie Schwarz, founding director of Econovia.




Reinventing your vision / Strategy

+ Audit, investigation and survey
+ Positioning & identity plateform
+ Communication strategy
+ Communication plan
+ Steering tools

Communicating for real / Creative

+ Logo & corporate identity
+ 360° campaign
+ Editorial content
+ Productions of supporting materials

Enhance the web / Digital

+ Digital strategy
+ Social Media & Community Manager
+ E-marketing

Engaging your audience / Press Relations

+ PR Strategy
+ PR & E-PR Management
+ Medias partenerships

Valuing your Human Capital / Human Resources

+ Coaching employees to change, to participative management
+ Training
+ Recruitment
+ Availability timeshare

Resources to act / Event & patronage

+ 100% eco-designed Event & DD
+ Solidarity Day and CSR company
+ Animation of SSE awareness
+ Sponsorship and partnership



  • Social entrepreneurship & Cooperatives
  • Health & Convenience services
  • Disability, Diversity & Integration
  • Culture & Media
  • Environment & Energy
  • Construction & Sustainable building
  • International solidarity & Citizenship
  • Public education, Social tourism & Recreation
  • Accomodations & Social housing
  • Banking & Solidarity-based finance



Marc Pili
General Delegate
Vacances Ouvertes

« ECONOVIA has the ability to make us take action. The purpose of Econovia’s mission was to modernise our 15-year-old communication methods and overhaul our visual identity in order to make them more current. We wanted to broadcast our view of society, making sure that the message gets across even though the subject matter is complicated and hard to explain. We needed to be in tune with the times, and communication is where it starts. So we issued a tender, and Econovia immediately stood out from the rest. The agency had already worked with Edmond Maire, Vacances Ouvertes’ founder, so that was a guarantee of legitimacy for us. The agency reviewed the items that were already in place internally, and was able to properly reshape them while demonstrating a high degree of involvement. I was so pleased that I spread the word to the other organisations: I recommended that they work with ECONOVIA. »

Communications Director

« In 2013, we were in need of an expert for the media coverage of the associations’ trophy. Although we were used to dealing with large organizations, we shifted our attention to ECONOVIA, a human-scaled agency, due to its experience in terms of solidarity and social issues. Econovia brought a fresh perspective and exceeded the framework of its press relations assignment as it provided us with strategy consulting. At the EDF Foundation, we believe that communication should serve the public interest and be used as a tool to dialogue with society. Internally, it becomes a way to engage employees, both encouraging their involvement and opening up new possibilities. In an industry that is becoming increasingly professional, our role is to pave the way for change through shared communication that is fairer and built on our relationships with each other.»

Nadège Rodrigues
Communications Manager

« Trust. This is the word that comes to mind when I think of our collaboration with ECONOVIA for the media coverage of our « Jeun’ESS » programme. At a time when budgets are shrinking and competition is increasingly stiff, it’s a daily struggle for me to establish a mutualist spirit among those who strive for a Social and Solidarity Economy and to ensure recognition of the specialist know-how that drives responsible communication. I promote communication that serves the public interest and that backs general interest projects, guided by the principle that « actions speak louder than words ». Through our collaboration with ECONOVIA, I have witnessed co-construction, where experts have devoted their multiple skills for the benefit of a joint project. »


For each project it embarks on, the agency – which is home to expert senior consultants with high potential – engages a strong network of free and dedicated talents around a shared principle: love for work and a job well done. Our experts strive to converge your best interests with those of society. Some call this a « result-oriented culture ». At Econovia, we think of it as « communicative energy ». Load up on this energy!

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Using an approach that is based on consultation, co-construction, involvement and participation, we aim to support your organisation’s change management efforts through communication.


Our team relies on proven tools and processes that enable us to establish the fundamentals, namely the development of a brand platform that is in tune with your organisation’s strategic considerations and the creation of content that is aligned with your mission and values.



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